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What is this system?


Everyone wants to find a job for the soul! But what is necessary for that? The chaos of 90ths years forced many people in Russia to change the scope of their activities. A competent economist began working as a seller, a good engineer became a mediocre accountant. Classy cook now engaged as a private taxi, and an erector of a missile system works as an erector of furniture. The list is endless. Each of you would like to have its favorite activity from childhood, but those who are really was able to become like in their dreams, in fact, not many. And the majority did not have the opportunity to make the right choice for yourself.

In 2008 (I then worked as head of department of staff training and development in Transmashholding), I established the system, which can be used to accurately determine (for measure) of matching of knowledge and experience for human activity, ie in what degree he/she is a competent in their field. I thought, " That would be great if people would be able to use this system and they would be able to measure their ability relative to activity about which they dreamed all their life!" But unfortunately, the system exists only on paper, as a description of the mechanisms and technology of competence assessment, as the form of approved corporate standards... To each of you would be able to take advantage of the system and find their real favorite business in life, their real favorite work, we need to create an automated computerized (informational) system, a portal, which will unite the people , employers and training organizations. Then and only then will be able to work a complex mechanism, and everyone will be able to live and work not "on specialty", but "on competence".

However, work on this topic was terminated in 2008 and I was asked to leave Transmashholding. Unfortunately, I did not realize that many bureaucrats are living in the past and this idea was not to the liking for them and they have taken steps to permanently bury the subject. Still, the creation of a transparent mechanism for job search and knowledge, available to any person, would have left out of activity a huge army of bureaucrats and managers, many of whom are not worthy of their positions and are incompetent in their field. Repeated attempts to continue the project with the support of large and medium-sized businesses in Russia were not successful and at the end of 2012 I decided to create this system yourself (I have a considerable experience in programming area, because I started to program on Soviet computers when I was in 6th grade of secondary school in 1987).

The software of the Portal "Assessment Work Place", a demo version of which was published in July 2013, is a automatized workplace of HR-specialist and it gives a possibility to automate the process of assessing the competence of personnel,  career planning process and processes of planning of corporate training "according to the needs", ie in the accordance to their activity at the enterprise at present moment or at perspective.It is assumed that the minimum configuration of the software "Assessment Work Place" will be available to businesses for free. This configuration ("Light" version) allows you simultaneously to run up to 10 tasks of competence assessment or up to 10 tasks evaluation of positions and departments.

Access for experts of the company to carry out work on the assessment tasks and career planning is provided via cloud application of the Portal. Programming of this part of the system is scheduled for completion in 2014. In 2014, also planned to launch portal services for a searching of work. It will be a completely different searching of work, not one that is now available online on many well-known online resources. The process of passing an "interview" (so to speak) is implemented through the Portal's mechanism of competence assessment.For applicant necessary to fill a number of questionnaires, to pass a professional testing and to solve business-cases. Actually, on the results of this study will make a decision about employment, and most importantly, people will clearly know why they did not match this position, specifically, they will to know about what kinds of knowledge and experience they don't have. Here in the Portal, they can find training organizations that will help them to fill these gaps, as well as a person can by himself (in self education mode) to raise their competence with respect to the chosen activity and will be able to pass the selection process again for the same or functionally similar work.

In 2015, the diversity of opportunities Portal will increase considerably. Educational organizations and certification centers will have access to the software "Education & Verification Work Place", it possibilities will not only include more convenient service for placing of their offers for Portal users, but also a powerful analytic tool that will allow to identify the most relevant topics, to develop their curricula and to make a constantly monitoring of the dynamics of training needs, ie market needs of educational products and services. All major versions of the configuration software "Education & Verification Work Place" will be absolutely free. Sophisticated analytic tools and tools of market forecasting - are paid.

What has been described above - is not the limit of possibilities of the Portal, because its main motto is: "IF YOU WILL GIVE AN INFORMATION - YOU CAN TAKE AN INFORMATION!" When the portal will in fully working mode, each of you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the best practices in any activity, which means you can most effectively set your goals, grow and develop in the current direction, and it will inevitably lead to success and prosperity in your life!

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