Webinar about AWP (20.06.2013) - International Portal competence assessment

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Webinar about AWP (20.06.2013)


20.06.2013 took place the first webinar dedicated to the establishment the International portal of competence assessment under the title: "Statement of the problem of assessment of professional competence by using application Assessment Workplace". On this page you can find a presentation of the report and watch the video of the webinar (are currently available only on Russian).

The materials of the webinar (are currently available only on Russian):

Information about the webinar:

Title: "Statement of the problem assessment of professional competence through the application Assessment Workplace"
Audience: Stakeholders of the Russian national project (Roadmap) "
National system of competencies and qualifications" and the participants of the project "Establishment of the National Network of industrial (professional) and the Regional Agencies on the development of professional qualifications and competencies"
Date and time of the event: 20.06.2013, 15-00 - 16-00

The program of the webinar:

15-00 - 15-05. 
15-05 - 15-15. General information about the project: "International portal of competence assessment".
15-15 - 15-20. Application Assessment Workplace - the key role in the formation of the International Knowledge Base of the International portal of competence assessment. Prospects and opportunities.
15-20 - 15-25. Statement of the problem of formation of functional profiles, competency profiles for positions and for structural units of the enterprise (organization).
- 15-30. An objects for the assessment of competence. Using the Portal for staff recruitment via the competence components.
- 15-35. Statement of the problem of the competence assessment. Using the subjective assessment methods.
- 15-45. Statement of the problem of the competence assessment. Using the objective assessment methods. Forming the Portal Knowledge Base. Optimization the timing and scope of the problem.
- 15-55. Answers to questions from the audience.
- 16-00. The final word.

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