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Rules and policy of testing


Privacy policy and rules of using

of free anonymous service of the competence assessment on the International portal

The competence assessment procedure is anonymous and does not require any registration on the site or in the cloud applications of the Portal, it's completely free and available to everyone! The assessment procedure involves two main steps:

I. Passage the self-esteem test.
II. Evaluation of your competence by other people (obtaining the 360 degree feedback).

Passage of the second phase of the evaluation is only possible after the completion of the first phase (self-esteem). After passing the self-esteem test, you will be able to see a report which, in addition to the results of your evaluation, will contain two unique identifiers:

PRIMARY is an unique numeric code, which contains 64 digits (for example, 3424217837982782487651736521834798327487287562758732648764786762).

These identifiers will help you in the future, while maintaining anonymity and without registration on the Portal site, have full access to the results of your evaluation, which means the following:

1. You will be able to pass self-esteem unlimited number of times for different components of competence and areas of activity (including repeatedly).
2. You will be able to monitor (to observe in time) the changes of your level of competence for the required components of competence in various areas of activity.
3. You will be able to attract an unlimited number of times to the evaluation of your professional competence of other people - your colleagues , managers, clients ... in short, of all the people who have an idea about your activities while maintaining complete confidentiality of your evaluation results.
4. You will be able to view and copy extended report on the results of your competence assessment with all amendments and supplements thereto at the current time.

The unique combination of your identifiers will guarantee you and your assessors the complete anonymity of the results. Your colleagues, managers and friends, having at their disposal only additional identifiers, can never see the results and statistics of your competence assessment without the primary identifier. If you will not transfer to anyone your PRIMARY identifier, then nobody else will be able to view your assessment results and even if someone accidentally will see the results in the database of the International Portal, they are will not be able to know who's the owner of the data, because your personal information is absent in the system!

If you already passed the self-esteem procedure and you have the identifiers, you can use the PRIMARY identifier for the assessment of the other component of your competence in the same or another sphere of your activity, by writing (by inserting) your PRIMARY identifier in the first field on the page of self-esteem test. In this case, the new assessment results will be associated with your older results, and for providing the 360 degree feedback on new component of competence in old or new area of an ​​activity (or on the same component of competence, but in the new field of activity) you will have the new SECONDARY identifiers. Each SECONDARY identifier is bound to a unique combination "the component of competence - the sphere of activity", the maximum number of which is equal to the product of 21 x 47, because we have 21 areas activity on the classification of the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) and 47 components of competence by IPCA Competency Model.

One group of the SECONDARY identifiers contains 10 disposable unique codes. By sending an invitation provide feedback for your combination of the component of competence and the sphere of activity you can use every SECONDARY identifier only once. Thus, any additional identifiers that you can get in the process of evaluating competence are disposable. You can attract to assess of one component of your professional competence in one area of activity maximum 10 assessors (colleagues, supervisor, co-workers, customers etc.) by using the entire package of 10 SECONDARY identifiers obtained after passing the self-esteem test. This restriction avoids duplication of the feedback for one assessor and minimize unauthorized use of an unique SECONDARY identifier.

The repeat of the self-esteem test gives you the opportunity to get a new package of SECONDARY identifiers, but we do not recommend you to take self-esteem test repeatedly early than six months after the previous one for the same combination of "component of competence - sphere of activity".

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