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Dear user!

Welcome to the service of assessment of professional competence of the International portal of competence assessment!

To assess your professional competence in one particular direction, you need to do several steps:

Step 1. Enter the PRIMARY identifier or leave the identifier field blank if you did not get an identifier.
Step 2. Select the field of your activity from the dropdown list.
3. Select the component of competence from the dropdown list that matches to your job responsibilities.
4. Respond to 11 questions listed below, keeping in mind the selected component of your competence.
5. See the evaluation results by clicking on the "Send" button and recommend this free service to your friends!

You can read the description of the components of competence (IPCA Competence Model) on the page "Competence model" in "Articles" (new window). To obtain information about privacy policies, about the order of testing and learn about other opportunities of the anonymous and free services of the competence assessment on the Portal website, please click here (will opened in new window).


Question 1

1 - at this level of knowledge and skills as it is now, I will be looked as completely incompetent person;
2 - I feel that I will be not able to prove my competence;
3 - I have not enough professionalism in matters of this component of competence;
4 - possible I'll be able to prove to management that I’m a competent in these issues;
5 - I'm a competent in these matters.
Question 2

1 – I have not at all knowledgeable;
2 – I have not updated my knowledge a long time;
3 – I heard something somewhere;
4 - I know just the highlights;
5 – I’m to date on all the latest achievements.
Question 3

1 – I have no ideas;
2 – I have only vaguely imagine;
3 - everywhere I have a little bit;
4 – I know only main sources;
5 - most of the sources are known to me, and I know where to look for more.
Question 4

1 – I never use it;
2 – I use it once per year or less;
3 - I use it occasionally (but not less than 2 or 3 times per year);
4 - I use it regularly (at least once per month);
5 - I use it continuously (once per week).
Question 5

1 - such information is absent in the public domain;
2 - in open sources the required information is very small;
3 – rarely I can find a valuable information;
4 - periodically an interesting and useful information is meeting;
5 - I'm looking for right information in the public domain constantly and I'm constantly finding it.
Question 6

1 - I never use it;
2 - I use it once per year or less;
3 - I use it occasionally (but not less than 2 or 3 times per year);
4 - I use it regularly (at least once per month);
5 - I use it continuously (once per week).
Question 7

1 - never, because they believe that I am not competent;
2 - very rarely (a few times per year);
3 - sometimes (near 10 once per year);
4 - regularly (at least once per month);
5 - constantly (several times per week).
Question 8

1 - no, we have every man for himself;
2 - I can, but I will not;
3 - sometimes I help them when it is beneficial to me;
4 - sometimes I try to help;
5 - I help them constantly.
Question 9

1 - I'm in his view - a complete zero;
2 - he thinks that I should not work here;
3 - he makes a lot of remarks in the work related to this component of competence;
4 - he thinks I capable of more;
5 - he completely trust me on these issues.
Question 10

1 - no, I'm totally incompetent;
2 - my level of competence is very low;
3 - I try to be competent, but not very successful;
4 - I should study more, and then it will be all right;
5 - I'm competent to so much so that I can teach others.
Question 11

1 - yes, everything will remain as is;
2 - virtually it will unchanged;
3 - it will decrease slightly;
4 - without teaching I will not able to do anything;
5 - I'll be on a lot less competent.

Fields marked with * - are required.

By clicking "Send", you agree with the privacy policy and the rules of the system presented here (will opened in a new window), as well as with the fact that the assessment results will be stored in the database of the International portal (in the impersonal form) within a period determined by site administration.

After clicking the "Send" button you will be redirected to the result page.

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